Where Should You Be Living In Newcastle?

When it comes to Newcastle, it really is a city that has it all, from top notch cuisine to exciting nightlife and amazing shops it is no surprise that Newcastle was voted ‘Great Britain’s Number One Tourist Attraction’ by The Rough Guide To Britain. But what if you are...

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Tips For Landlords Renting Properties in Newcastle to Students

Newcastle has a population of around 275,000, with students making up 42,000 of the total population meaning that 15% of Newcastle is students. It is easy to see why so many landlords are looking into student accommodation in Newcastle as a way to increase their financial income, so in...

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Making The Most Of A Small Space

If you are a professional that has moved to Newcastle for a job change or job location you may find that your new temporary rented accommodation is smaller than you are used to, so in this blog post we have put together some ideas to help you make the...

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