• 30 Years of Experience
in Newcastle

Why HM Residential is the Right Choice for Your Home

Your homes deserves service with passion: the desire to get the very best price from the right buyer. You need to be sure you have the right team in your corner, and here at HM residential we pride ourselves in providing the very best advice, the very best service and the very best results.

We will provide you with advice on marketing your property as well as how to achieve the best price and how to find great buyers.
We target the right buyers utilising our database, leading online property portals and social media to get as many of the right people seeing your property details as possible. 
Our accompanied viewings are designed to get a feel for the buyers so that we can provide you with great advice when it comes to selecting the right offer. 
Skilled negotiation and the right advice ensure that you get the very best deal for you and your home. 

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