When it comes to Newcastle, it really is a city that has it all, from top notch cuisine to exciting nightlife and amazing shops it is no surprise that Newcastle was voted ‘Great Britain’s Number One Tourist Attraction’ by The Rough Guide To Britain. But what if you are looking at moving to Newcastle, where is the best place for you to live?

Here at HM Residential we have over 30 years experience of matching our tenants to their perfect property. But we have put together this blog post as an overview of which areas of Newcastle suits which individuals.

Love A Bargain?

If you are a lover of bargains then Heaton could be the area of you, the rented properties in Heaton offer great value of money as do all the local independent cafes and bars. There are also a few ‘Bring Your Own’ restaurants where you can lower the cost of your meal out by bringing your own drinks. Another great thing about living in a rented property in Heaton is that the city centre reachable by the number 1 bus that is available every 8 minutes.

Feeling Studious?

Rented properties in Sandyford are ideal for students as it is a short journey to the university and the library. Sandyford is a quieter area of Newcastle so you’ll be able to study at home in peace and quiet, however there are some hidden gems nearby if you feel like letting your hair down and socialising with the locals.

In Your Final Year?

If you’re a student in your final year at University then you will find that a rented property in Gosforth is ideal for you. You’ll be surrounded by loads of indi shops, unique bars and vibrant cafes that will have the exact atmosphere you’re looking for. It’s also only a 15 minutes journey into the city centre by bus or metro.

Want To Be Entertained?

If you want to be surrounded by entertainment 24–7 then a rented property in Tyneside could be what you’re looking for. Right in the city centre you’ll find there is always something going on and you’ll become a regular in all the best spots in town – plus you’ll get a lay in before lectures in the morning as the uni is literally minutes away.

Love a Party?

If you love to party with the popular and beautiful people then you’ll need to look at rented properties in Jesmond, this is the most stylish and upmarket area of Newcastle which a range of students, professionals and locals alike – you will never be lonely on a night out in Jesmond, plus you’re only a ten minute walk from the city centre.

Which area of Newcastle do you think will suit you best?